HIV Research Program

The HIV Program provides scientists with organ and tissue samples from HIV positive individuals.


Rare Disease Initiative

Providing human tissues available from hundreds of rare diseases.


Pancreas & Islets

Customized samples of purified islets (90% pure) are available, in quantities that can service many research laboratories.


Eye Research

Continuing to provide normal and diseased whole eye and eye tissues for research, including the histological sections program.


NDRI Special Programs

  - Cancer Tumors
  - Stem Cells from Birth Tissues
  - Human Dorsal Root Ganglia (DRGs)



A major NIH initiative to provide human tissues for gene expression studies.


Making It Easy For Researchers

More About Research Services

NDRI makes it easy for researchers to get the human tissues and organs they need, prepared, preserved and shipped precisely according to their specific scientific protocols, as quickly as possible, and in the largest available quantities.

As the national leader providing human tissues and organs to NIH-funded and university-based investigators, NDRI has developed systems to distribute more than 20,000 biomaterials, tissues, and organs annually to over 500 researchers. Researchers continue to recognize NDRI as an invaluable partner as the need for human biomaterials grows. In response, NDRI has developed specialized programs targeted to increase the supply of human tissues and organs for specific areas of research with the highest demand for more resources. NDRI has established a network of human tissue collection sites throughout the country.

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