Online Biospecimen Catalogue

The Online Biospecimen Catalogue (OBC) is an additional resource offered by NDRI that allows approved researchers to immediately order a variety of banked human biospecimens. If you would like to register for a username and password  to view the OBC click [here].


It is important to note that the tissues offered via the OBC represent only a very small percentage of the tissues and organs that NDRI supplies to the research community every year. The vast majority of the biospecimens we supply are matched with donors according to researcher-specified protocols and sent directly to the investigator. They never appear in the OBC. These include samples shipped at 4ºC immediately after procurement, as well as snap-frozen, fixed and paraffin and OCT-embedded materials.


However, tissues from donors with rare diseases or HIV are frequently procured using standard protocols in the absence of a researcher actively requesting tissues. This is to ensure that opportunities are not lost to recover tissues representing diseases that may rarely, if ever, be encountered again.

A limited amount of the donor’s medical/social information is directly viewable in the OBC; further information, where available, can be requested.

Snap-frozen, frozen, fixed and paraffin and OCT-embedded biospecimens in the OBC include:

  • Tissues encompassing all major body systems from a broad spectrum of
    • normal donors
    • donors with a variety of common diseases
  • Benign and malignant tumors and normal adjacent tissues
  • Samples from individuals infected with HIV or with AIDS
  • Specimens from donors with over 70 rare diseases, including representative DNA, cell lines and plasma samples
  • Purified pancreatic islet cells
  • Adult bone marrow
  • Cord blood

In addition to the above, NDRI also has available:

  • Cell lines, DNA, and medical history data from a large and very well characterized family-based collection of individuals with Type 1 diabetes and a variety of complications

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NDRI has been a partner in our research for 15 years. As a matter of fact, I probably would have chosen a different avenue of research, had I not had NDRI to help us along.

David Bodine, Ph.D.

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