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2016 • Histochemistry, Cell Biology 143(5): 505-515. PMID: 25377544.

Hanigan MH, Gillies EM, Wickham S, Wakeham N, Wirsig-Wiechmann CR

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2016 • Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine doi: 10.1002/term.2206. PMID: 27860413.

Johnston KA, Westover AJ, Rojas-Pena A, Buffington DA, Pino CJ, Smith PL, Humes HD

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Cancer • 2016 • Chemical Research in Toxicology 29(5):879-891.

Cai T, Yao L, Turesky RJ

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2014 • American Journal of Pathology 184(1): 110-121. PMID: 24211536.

Masyuk T, Lee S, Radtke B, Stroope A, Huang B, Banales J, Masyuk A, Splinter P, Gradilone S, Gajdos G, LaRusso N

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Renal • 2015 • Science Translational Medicine 7 (279): 279. PMID: 25787762.

Duann P, Li H, Lin P, et al

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Renal • 2014 • Tissue Engineering Part C, Methods 20(7): 599-609. PMID: 24266327.

Hoppensack A, Kazanecki CC, Colter D, Gosiewska A, Schanz J, Walles H, Schenke-Layland K

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Immunology • 2012 • Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 28(2): 296-302.

Pino CJ, Yevzlin AS, Lee K, Westover AJ, Smith PL, Buffington DA, Humes HD

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Renal • 2013 • Molecular and Cellular Proteomics 12(8): 2313-2323. PMID: 23674616.

Sakurai H, Kubota K, Inaba S, Takanaka K, Shinagawa A

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Renal • 2013 • The Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. PMID: 25424193.

Westover AJ, Buffington DA, Johnston KA, Smith PL, Pino CJ, Humes HD

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Basic Science • 2013 • PLoS One 8(10):e76290. PMID: 24098465.

Prasad MK, Bhalla K, Pan ZH, O'Connell JR, Weder AB, Chakravarti A, Tian B, Chang YP

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