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NDRI Internship Program

Launched in the fall of 2013, NDRI’s internship program continues to expand, providing diverse opportunities for students enrolled in higher education programs to gain professional as well as educational experience.

The format rotates participants through multiple functional areas within the NDRI organization: fulfillment/operations, scientific services, strategic initiatives, partnership development and quality assurance. Interns take on independent projects within each department, making them an integral part of the NDRI staff. Students participate in various internal meetings and attend an educational lecture series covering various topics from organ procurement organizations and specific research project initiatives, to human anatomy and physiology.

The NDRI internship experience gives students hands-on professional work experience. NDRI has hired several former interns after graduation.

For more information, contact Melissa VonDran, PhD, Director of Scientific Services, at


What interns say about our program

My experience at NDRI has been extremely valuable. The opportunity to work in various departments has given me insight into the complexities of organ and tissue donation and has allowed me to see the impact that NDRI makes by placing these tissues. It has been very rewarding to intern at a company that places such a high value on improving lives through scientific advancement.”
Morgan Garcia,
Drexel University

“NDRI is full of employees who are passionate about the positive difference they make in the scientific community. The staff was friendly and welcoming, and taught us the importance of teamwork and communication — skills that can guide us to success.”
Manali Naik,
Drexel University

“My experience interning at NDRI has given me opportunities like no other company has before. I was exposed to how the company works as a whole, by working closely with many of the departments. It was valuable to observe how intricate and complex the organ donation process is and how it is coordinated to researchers. My time at NDRI has benefitted the process of achieving my career goal in the medical field. I was able to experience all of this within a short six months. This has been an incredible and rewarding opportunity for me.”
Sarah Ritter,
Drexel University

NDRI is a Not-For-Profit (501c3) Corporation.