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Jun 19, 2019

CORE Awarded with the AOPO & NDRI Inaugural Empowering Research and Discovery Award



Congratulations to The Center for Organ Recovery and Education, otherwise known as CORE, as the recipient of the inaugural NDRI/AOPO Empowering Research and Discovery Award for Outstanding commitment to the advancement of research. 

This award was presented by NDRI's President & CEO June 19th at the Association of Organ Procurement Organizations (AOPO) Annual Meeting in Houston, TX! 

We are thrilled to honor CORE as the recipient of the award this year while recognizing their outstanding performance in provided nearly 600 organs, tissues, corneas and neurologic tissues to the National Disease Research Interchange, while supporting over fifty additional investigators and projects providing discovery in such areas as transplantation, pharmaceutical development, immunology, neuroscience, search & rescue, medical device development and clinical education/training. CORE facilitated 420 research authorized donors in 2018 which resulted in over 1,200 gifts supporting research and education and had the distinction of publishing and/or presenting 16 separate research studies.

AOPO Award Video

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