Alzheimer's Disease Biospecimen Resource (ADBR)

The use of human biospecimens plays a key role in accelerating scientific discoveries in neurological research by providing scientists with a direct experimental model system to advance understanding of pathogenesis and treatment of neurological disease, including Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (AD/ADRD).  Access to the appropriate human biospecimen can be challenging for some investigators.  To address thus gap, NDRI’s Human Tissue and Organs for Research Resource (HTORR) Program was recently awarded an administrative supplemental grant from the National Institute on Aging (NIA) to support Alzheimer’s Disease and AD-related dementia (AD/ADRD) studies that require whole brain and other tissues for their experimental analysis.

The ADBR program can tailor acquisition of both whole brain and other tissue samples to meet the specific needs of each research project. The ADBR can provide tissue types for a wide range of experimental needs. This includes:

  • Fixed tissue, frozen tissue, or fresh tissue shipped on ice in culture media with antibiotics
  • CNS and PNS structures – whole brain, brain tissue samples, spinal cord, dorsal root ganglia,
    peripheral nerves
  • Tissues from any body system
  • Samples from both AD/ADRD and non-diseased, control donors are available


Learn more about how NDRI-supplied tissue is empowering discoveries
and enhancing neuroscience research: 

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The benefits of working with NDRI are:

  • Commitment to the success of your project by providing the highest level of customer support—no matter the size and complexity of the project

  • A trusted partner of the NIH for over 30 years
  • Timely: 24/7 response to requests and distribution of biospecimens
  • State-of-the-Art: Multiple tissue types, formats, and preservation methods available
  • Access to diverse donor populations 
  • Informed consent/authorization: Utilize best practices for tissue collection and use
  • Consistency: Biospecimens collected and preserved using standardized methods

To request normal or diseased specimens, download our application form on this page, and a member of the Scientific Services team will review your request. If you have questions, please contact NDRI at (800) 222-NDRI (6374) and ask to speak to a member of the Scientific Services team or email us at


Feasibility Application
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