We’re excited to share that NDRI will be exhibiting at AOPO 2024 from June 24 to June 26 in San Antonio, Texas! NDRI (National Disease Research Interchange) is a leading source of human organs and tissue for researchers around the world. NDRI partners with OPOs to expand research donation opportunities and advance scientific research.

In attendance will be Director of Tissue Source Site Management, Saboor Shad, Fulfillment Director, Dana Rosales, and Senior Vice President of Operations, Melissa VonDran, PhD. Program Managers Patrick Van Hoose, PhD and Kathryn Leonard, PhD will also be in attendance and presenting posters on June 26th from 10:30am-11am.

If you’ll also be in attendance, stop by Booth 411 and say hello or email us at recoveryinfo@ndriresource.org to schedule a meeting. We look forward to connecting with you!