Why Organizations Partner With NDRI

By donating much-needed organs and tissues for research, NDRI matches donation opportunities with our global researcher network by partnering with you for the recovery and distribution of research-authorized organs and tissues, including:

  • Livers
    • Development of bioengineered livers for human transplantation.
    • Toxicology studies to see how the liver and extrahepatic tissues respond to metabolized drugs and other chemicals.
  • Hearts
    • Development of new culture systems to create a standard method for testing drug efficacy and toxicology.
    • To gain imperative insight into the mechanisms of diastolic dysfunction and adverse electrical remodeling in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) and developing new therapeutic agents to treat HFpEF.
  • Lungs
    • LungMAP (Lung Molecular Atlas Program): Initiative to create a comprehensive molecular atlas of developing lungs from donors up to 10 years of age to improve care for premature infants and develop novel treatments for early childhood lung disease.
  • Pancreata
    • nPOD (Network for Pancreatic Organ Donors with Diabetes): nPOD’s goals are to recover and share pancreata and related tissues with approved investigators who seek to prevent, reverse, and cure Type 1 Diabetes and to promote collaboration amongst investigators.
  • Kidneys
    • Develop cell therapy products to treat Chronic Kidney Disease, APOL1-associated kidney disease (glomerular sclerosis),
    • Understand the cytoskeleton’s role in podocyte dysfunction underlying diabetic nephropathy.
    • Establish primary kidney cell culture systems in which to test the efficacy of compounds for drug discovery.
  • Dorsal Root Ganglia (DRG)
    • Focus on the identification and analysis of human sensory neurons to develop novel therapeutics to better treat chronic pain disorders.


By becoming a recovery partner, you will be instrumental in helping individuals and families who wish to donate human tissues and organs to advance research and investigators who work to further the understanding of diseases in order to find better treatments and cures.

In addition, NDRI can also place organs and tissues from primary kidney cell culture systems in which to test the efficacy of compounds for drug discovery.

The following systems from Organ Donors:

  • Integumentary (skin)
  • Cardiovascular (blood vessels, blood)
  • Musculoskeletal (bone, joint tissue, muscle)
  • Neurological (brain, nerves, spinal cord)
  • Digestive (esophagus, intestine, stomach)
  • Immunological/Lymphatic (lymph nodes, thymus, spleen)
  • Reproductive (ovaries, prostate, testes, uterus)
  • Urinary (Bladder)

NDRI operates around-the-clock coordinator team to facilitate the screening, recovery, and shipment of precious research organs. With additional 24-hour administrator support, we are here to be stewards of the gift.

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