Behind the Scenes: NDRI’s Fulfillment Center

NDRI’s Fulfillment team

For over 40 years, NDRI has provided human tissues and organs to researchers at top universities, hospitals, and medical research centers across the United States and internationally. To do this, NDRI works with a nationwide network of more than 130 tissue source sites (TSS), including organ procurement organizations, tissue banks, eye banks and hospitals, across the country.

Ensuring that researchers receive the tissue and organs needed to advance their work depends on a team of dedicated individuals. NDRI’s Fulfillment team provides around-the-clock service and support, led by Director of Fulfillment, Dana Rosales, 365 days a year to our researchers, tissue source sites, donors, and donor families. Their efforts are indispensable to NDRI’s mission to provide project-specific human biospecimens to advance biomedical research.

NDRI’s 24/7 Fulfillment Center

NDRI’s fulfillment team use RHYTHM, an automated tissue procurement system that provides real-time data entry and the matching of donors from tissue source sites around the country with approved research protocols. NDRI launched its proprietary system in 2020. It has since provided significant efficiency improvements in process flow, the recording of donor information and detailed research protocols and the matching of the thousands of tissues, organs, and biospecimens offered by our extensive network of tissue source sites.

Our Fulfillment team works in a highly time-sensitive manner to maximize every donation opportunity presented by our TSS network against NDRI’s active researcher project and protocol requirements. In their daily interactions with our TSS partners and researchers, the team’s passion, professionalism, and dedication plays a key role in advancing NDRI’s mission. To learn more about Dana and her Fulfillment team, check out our profile on her below!