Ocular Donors

NDRI works with eye bank partners to obtain consent and recover ocular tissue from donors for biomedical research. Recovered tissues have a post mortem to preservation interval of 14 to 24 hours and can be delivered to researchers within 36 to 72 hours.  Normal or diseased tissues can be sent to researchers fresh in Optisol or media with antibiotics, frozen or fixed.

Examples of ocular tissues include:

  • Whole globe

  • Posterior pole

  • Cornea

  • Lens

  • Ocular Histological Sections

    NDRI’s Ocular Histological Sections Project is an invaluable resource for investigators who are unable to process whole globes or who prefer to receive only specific sections of relevance. An experienced ophthalmologist/histopathologist processes all eyes, and provides detailed pathology reports, including comprehensive medical/social history data, for each donor.

    We can provide Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) or Optimal Cutting Temperature (OCT) frozen sections from both normal and diseased donors, including donors with age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

    Available sections include:

  • Region 2: Anterior segment

  • Region 3: Angle structures only

  • Region 4: Angle with mid-peripheral retina/choroid/sclera


    View our Ocular Histological Section Inventory

  • Region 5: Whole eye (through foveola, parafovea, perifovea or non-macula)
  • Region 6: Optic nerve

  • Region 7: Retina (with RPE/choroid structure or neural retina only)

  • Region 8: Macula (foveola, fovea, parafovea or perifovea)

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If you have questions, please contact NDRI at (800) 222-NDRI (6374) and ask to speak to a member of the Scientific Services team or email us at research@ndriresource.org.

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