Tissue and Organ Procurement

Organ and Tissue Procurement Customized to Your Experimental Need


NDRI works with a nationwide network of Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) and tissue banks to obtain consent and recover tissues from cadaveric donors. Researchers can receive tissues from multiple body systems for biomedical research use. NDRI works with investigators to design specific recovery and preservation protocols to meet the donor eligibility and tissue needs suitable for the specific experimental need.

Low Post-Mortem to Preservation Interval (PMI) Donors

Recovered whole organs have a post-mortem to preservation interval of four to six hours and can be delivered to researchers within 24 to 36 hours via stat courier. These include organs that are being assessed for transplant (e.g. Liver and Heart), as well as, other specialized tissue types diseased or non-diseased.

Tissue Donors

Recovered tissues have a post-mortem to preservation interval of 14 to 24 hours and can be delivered to researchers within 36 to 72 hours. Normal or diseased tissues can be sent to researchers fresh in media with antibiotics, frozen or fixed. Tissues can be recovered from any body system.


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Other Services and Capabilities:

Surgical Procurement - Ocular Procurement - Biospecimen Inventory - HTORR Program


If you have questions, please contact NDRI at (800) 222-NDRI (6374), ext. 391 or email us at research@ndriresource.org.


Specialized Programs

HIV Program

Human tissues from both infected and uninfected individuals are necessary to continue the vital work of discovering new therapies for HIV/AIDS and minimizing adverse side effects from treatment. NDRI receives funding through the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in order to procure organs and tissues from HIV-positive donors for the research community. 

NDRI can provide researchers with de-identified relevant medical history for each donor, as available, including:

  • Recent CD4 counts

  • Viral load

  • Anti-HIV medications

  • Co-infections (HBV, HCV, TB, etc.)

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Islet Cells

To meet the needs of pancreatic islet cell researchers, NDRI has developed relationships with established islet cell isolation laboratories to provide islet cells to approved researchers for non-clinical research purposes. We can provide customized samples of purified islets in quantities that can service many research laboratories. We can ship aliquots containing from 5,000 to as many as 100,000 islet cell equivalents (IEO) with atleast 80% viability.

Dorsal Root Ganglia (DRG)

Our DRG program provides a reliable source of fresh (4°C in media), snap-frozen or fixed human DRGs for research. All biospecimens from this program are recovered with low post-mortem to preservation intervals (PMIs). Investigators can specify the required quantity and DRG location.

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Neurological Tissue

NDRI is an excellent resource for researchers studying neurological disease. We can identify donors with an array of neurological diseases to match your research requirements and provide tissues including: 

  • Whole brain or brain regions

  • Spinal cord

  • Peripheral nerves

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