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2016 • Drug Metabolism, Disposition dmd.116.071902. PMID: 27758804.

Perez Jimenez TE, Mealey KL, Grubb TL, Greene SA, Court MH

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Hepatology • 2016 • Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Theraputics 40(2): 123-129. PMID: 27301298.

Slovak JE, Mealey K, Court MH

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2014 • Scientific Reports 4:5809. PMID: 25069065.

Blekhman R, Perry GH, Shahbaz S, Fiehn O, Clark AG, Gilad Y

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Basic Science • 2013 • Biomaterials 34(38): 9754-9762. PMID: 24075411.

Chiang MY, Yangben Y, Lin NJ, Zhong JL, Yang L

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Basic Science • 2012 • Drug Metabolsism and Disposition 40(8): 1620-1627. PMID: 22619308.

Oda S, Nakajima M, Hatakeyama M, Fukami T, Yokoi T

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Basic Science • 2012 • Genome Research 22(4): 602-610. PMID: 22207615.

Perry GH, Melsted P, Marioni JC, Wang Y, Bainer R, Pickrell JK, Michelini K, Zehr S, Yoder AD, Stephens M, et al

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Basic Science • 2013 • Genome Research 23(11): 1789-96. PMID: 23913925.

Bar-Yaacov D, Avital G, Levin L, Richards AL, Hachen N, Rebolledo Jaramillo B, Nekrutenko A, Zarivach R, Mishmar D

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Basic Science • 2013 • Journal of Cell Biology 200(3): 241-247. PMID: 23358244.

Snider NT, Leonard JM, Kwan R, Griggs NW, Rui L, Omary MB

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Basic Science • 2013 • BMC Biotechnology 14(1): 101. PMID: 25479762.

West MB, Partyka K, Feasley CL, Maupin KA, Goppallawa I, West CM, Haab BB, Hanigan MH

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