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Diabetes • 2013 • Investigative Journal of Ophthalmology and Visual Science 54: 2692.

Oshitari T, Yamamoto S, Roy S

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Diabetes • 2013 • Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 110(38): 15401-15406. PMID: 24003152.

Hu Y, Chen Y, Ding L, He X, Takahashi Y, Gao Y, Shen W, Cheng R, Chen Q, Qi X, Boulton ME, Ma JX

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Diabetes • 2013 • Human Immunology 74(5): 538-544. PMID: 23376458.

Lipner EM, Tomer Y, Noble JA, Monti MC, Lonsdale JT, Corsod B, Stewart WCL, Greenberg DA

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