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2019 • Journal of Orthapedic Research

Scibetta AC, Morris ER, Liebowitz AB, Gao X, Lu A, Philippon MJ, Huard J

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2019 • Stem Cell Research and Therapy

Xueqin Gao, Haizi Cheng, Hassan Awada, Ying Tang, Sarah Amra, Aiping Lu, Xuying Sun, Guijin Lv, Charles Huard, Bing Wang, Xiaohong Bi, Yadong Wang, Johnny Huard

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2018 • Stem Cell Res Ther. 2018 Nov 21;9(1):316

Gao X, Lu A, Tang Y, Schneppendahl J, Liebowitz AB, Scibetta AC, Morris ER, Cheng H, Huard C, Amra S, Wang B, Hall MA, Lowe WR, Huard J

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Musculoskeletal • 2014 • Biomaterials 35(25): 6859-6870. PMID: 24856105.

Gao X, Usas A, Tang Y, Lu A, Tan J, Schneppendahl J, Kozemchak AM, Wang B, Cummins JH, Tuan RS, Huard J

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Musculoskeletal • 2013 • Cell Transplantation 22(12): 2393-2408. PMID: 23244588.

Gao X, Usas A, Lu A, Tang Y, Wang B, Chen CW, Li H, Tebbets JC, Cummins JH, Huard J

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