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Musculoskeletal • 2015 • The Official Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology 29(10): 4107-4121. PMID: 26092928.

Attur M, Yang Q, Shimada K, Tachida Y, Nagase H, Mignatti P, Statman L, Palmer G, Kirsch T, Beier F, Abramson SB

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Musculoskeletal • 2014 • Journal of Orthaepedic Research 32(2): 302-309. PMID: 24600703.

Gibson M, Li H, Coburn J, Moroni L, Nahas Z, Bingham C 3rd, Yarema K, Elisseeff J

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Basic Science • 2013 • Journal of the Royal Society Interface 10(86): 20130464. PMID: 23825118.

Kunstar A, Leferink AM, Okagbare PI, Morris MD, Roessler BJ, Otto C, Karperien M, van Blitterswijk CA, Moroni L, van Apeldoorn AA

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Musculoskeletal • 2013 • International Journal of Radiation Biology 89(4): 268-77. PMID: 23134087.

Willey JS, Long DL, Vanderman KS, Loeser RF

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Musculoskeletal • 2013 • Arthritis Rheumatism 65(6): 1561-1568. PMID: 23460186.

Long DL, Willey JS, Loeser RF

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Musculoskeletal • 2012 • Arthritis Rheumatism 64(6): 1940-1949. PMID: 22231515.

Attur M, Ben-Artzi A, Yang Q, Al-Mussawir HE, Worman HJ, Palmer G, Abramson SB

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Musculoskeletal • 2012 • Journal of Biological Chemistry 287(7): 4640-4651. PMID: 22179616.

Catterall JB, Hsueh MF, Stabler TV, McCudden CR, Bolognesi M, Zura R, Jordan JM, Renner JB, Feng S, Kraus VB

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