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2017 • Drug Metabolism and Disposition 45(9):1035-1043. PMID: 28663285.

Cao L, Greenblatt DJ, Kwara A

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2017 • Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology 31(8). PMID: 28346733.

Riches Z, Liu Y, Berman JM, Walia G, Collier AC

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2017 • Xenobiotica 47(10):894-902. PMID: 27771980.

Knudsen GA, Sanders JM, Hughes MF, Hull EP, Birnbaum LS

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2017 • Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 69(12):1786-1793. PMID: 28960344.

Hossain MA, Tran T, Chen T, Mikus G, Greenblatt DJ

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2017 • Toxicology Letters 274:64-68. PMID: 28412453.

Moeller BM, Crankshaw DL, Briggs J, Nagasawa HT, Patterson SE

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2017 • Xenobiotica 11:1-6. PMID: 28891378.

Algeelani S, Alam N, Hossain MA, Mikus G, Greenblatt DJ

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2017 • Biochemical Pharmacology 140:150-160. PMID: 28606603.

Konishi K, Fukami T, Gotoh S, Nakajima M

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