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Cancer • 2016 • Neoplasia 18(4): 253-263. PMID: 27108388.

Myers MB, Banda M, McKim KL, Wang Y, Powell MJ, and Parsons BL

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Cancer • 2013 • Cancer Immunology Research 3(6): 620-630. PMID: 25701326.

Severson JJ, Serracino HS, Mateescu V, Raeburn CD, McIntyre RC Jr, Sams SB, Haugen BR, French JD

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Rare Disease • 2014 • International Journal of Oncology 45(6): 2365-2372. PMID: 25340704.

Wu J, Mu Q, Thiviyanathan V, Annapragada A, Vigneswaran N

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