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Immunology • 2013 • Journal of Immunology 191(8): 4280-4287. PMID: 24043899.

Cary DC, Clements JE, Henderson AJ

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Immunology • 2013 • Immunity 39(4): 758-769. PMID: 24035365.

Locci M, Havenar-Daughton C, Landais E, Wu J, Kroenke MA, Arlehamn CL, Su LF, Cubas R, Davis MM, Sette A, Haddad EK

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Musculoskeletal • 2013 • Journal of Immunology 191(9): 4611-4618. PMID: 24078690.

Bekiaris V, Šedy JR, Rossetti M, Spreafico R, Sharma S, Rhode-Kurnow A, Ware BC, Huang N, Macauley MG, Norris PS, Albani S, Ware CF

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Immunology • 2012 • Journal of Immunology 188(8): 3734-3744. PMID: 22427637.

Kroenke MA, Eto D, Locci M, Cho M, Davidson T, Haddad EK, Crotty S

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