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Cardiovascular • 2015 • The Journal of Biological Chemistry 290(44): 26688-26698. PMID: 26363072.

Feng Y, Chen H, Cai J, Zou L, Yan D, Xu G, Li D, Chao W

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Cardiovascular • 2015 • Biopreservation and Biobanking 13(2): 123-130. PMID: 25825942.

Hong YH, Martin LA, Mulvaney JM, Burhans MS, Blaxall BC, Hinton RB

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Cardiovascular • 2015 • Circulation: Heart Failure 8(4): 776-787. PMID: 26022677.

Nevers T, Salvador AM, Grodecki-Pena A, Knapp A, Velazquez F, Aronovitz M, Kaour NK, Karas RH, Blanton RM, Alcaide P

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Cardiovascular • 2015 • Cardiovascular Research 107(4): 466-477. PMID: 26109584.

Wu HC, Yamankurt G, Luo J, Subramaniam J, Hashmi SS, Hu H, Cunha SR

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