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Neurological Tissue

Neurological Tissue

NDRI is an excellent resource for researchers studying neurological disease or pain. We can identify donors with neurological diseases to match your research requirements. We also partner with clinicians and/or patient advocacy groups to recover neurological tissue post mortem from patients with specific diseases or who are participating in various studies.

We can provide normal or diseased neurological tissues from cadaveric donors, including:

  • Whole brain or brain regions

  • Spinal cord

  • Peripheral nerves

  • Sympathetic ganglia

Our dorsal root ganglia (DRG) program provides a reliable source of fresh (4°C in media), snap-frozen or fixed human DRGs for research. All biospecimens from this program are recovered with low (~6 hours) post mortem to preservation intervals (PMIs). Investigators can specify the required quantity and DRG location.

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If you have questions, please contact NDRI at (800) 222-NDRI (6374) and ask to speak to a member of the Scientific Services team or email us at research@ndriresource.org.

NDRI is a Not-For-Profit (501c3) Corporation.