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“NDRI is a critical partner for tissue collection, storage, and distribution in support of LAM research. With NDRI’s expertise, resources, and collaborative efforts, LAM scientists access irreplaceable fresh and fixed tissue samples to advance understanding of LAM Disease.”

- Susan E. Sherman, MHA, Chief Executive Officer, The LAM Foundation

Individuals diagnosed with a disease, whether it is rare or “common,” often begin the process of trying to find a cure and to answer the questions of why. As a Patient Advocacy Group, you are there to assist them in that discovery. A recurring theme for an individual living with a chronic or life-threatening disease is the need to do more and feel empowered to help solve the puzzle to a cause and cure. Participating in research is often the answer providing the most hope.

For over 35 years NDRI has facilitated research and discovery through the donation of normal and diseased tissue. Patients can contribute to science by providing a “living” donation, (blood sample, urine, explanted tissue or other) or through registering to make a post-mortem gift to help leave a legacy and continue to help further the science.

Drug companies and researchers are increasingly working with Patient Advocacy Groups to obtain data sets, registry information, and support for drug development and identifying causes of disease. Using human tissue during drug development can help Pharmaceutical companies:

  • Identify and validate drug targets
  • identify drug mechanisms
  • develop screening tests for biomarkers associated with certain subtypes of disease
  • group patient based on their genetic characteristics and likelihood of positive response for testing of new drugs
  • group patients based on the "biomarkers" of their disease to determine which treatment is appropriate


Patient Advocacy groups working with NDRI provide a unique and powerful opportunity to their patient population, by allowing them to be directly involved in the science that leads to the discovery of drug therapies and answers questions of the disease mechanism. Playing an integral role in the patient’s participation in these donations can make a difference in a Patient Advocacy Group's involvement in the advancement and the discovery of finding the cause and one day a treatment or cure. 

NDRI infrastructure and internal expertise in working with researchers to develop viable research protocols lead to better results and our industry best practices in procurement, preservation, storage, and shipment of human tissues, ensure the highest quality, consistency and reproducibility are achievable.

Whether you are an advocacy group with existing relationships to Pharma and Researcher, or just getting your research program up and running NDRI can help you achieve your research goals through our many services.

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