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“A broad scientific discussion of this new vision for the future of toxicity testing is needed to motivate a departure from the traditional high dose animal-based toxicological test, with its attendant challenges for dose and species extrapolation, towards a new approach more firmly grounded in human biology.” 

- Toxicity testing in the 21st century: a vision and a strategy, 2010.

Recent estimates show that only 5 in 5,000 drugs that enter preclinical testing progress to human clinical testing, and of those that do only 10-20% make it through to drug approval.  A major contributing factor to this is the Industry's reliance on the use of non-human cells and tissues to evaluate the pharmacology and toxicology screening and profiling of test articles, the results from which do not always translate well to the human condition.  More and more, Life Science companies around the world are recognizing the need to use human-derived cells and tissues in their test systems and are turning to NDRI for help in identifying and sourcing high quality specimens, and in the volumes needed for their work.

NDRI can provide human tissues from any body system in various preservation methods suitable for a variety of drug screening methods, including:

  • Pharmacology testing: 

      - Receptor binding assays
      - Mechanism of Action (MOA)
      - Transdermal Absorption Testing
      - Single Cell Analysis
      - Electrophysiology Testing
      - Ion channel Testing
      - Action Potential Testing
     - High Throughput Screening
     - Creation of 3D Organoids, Biochips

  • Toxicology Testing:

      - Toxicokinetic Testing
     - Xenobiotic Testing
     - Cytotoxicity and Apoptosis Testing
     - Viability Testing
     - ELISA
     - GLP Tissue Cross Reactivity (TCR) Testing 

  • cGMP Manufacture of Cell-based Therapies and Medical Devices


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