NDRI’s HTORR program featured in the ORIP fact sheet and website

NDRI was recently featured in the NIH Office of Research Infrastructure Programs (ORIP) Biological Materials and Reagents Fact Sheet and on the ORIP website. The content featured our partnership with The National Institutes of Health (NIH). For over 30 years NDRI has worked with the NIH on the continued development and implementation of the Human Tissues and Organs Research Resource (HTORR).

NDRI’s HTORR program supports research programs across multiple disciplines. It is through the HTORR program that NDRI provides biomedical investigators with donated normal and diseased human tissues and organs recovered from a diverse donor pool using customized procurement, processing, and preservation and distribution protocols.

“Were it not for the availability of precious tissues supplied by NDRI, this field of biomedical and bioscience research would not be where it is right now.” – Francis S. Collins, MD, PhD, Director, National Institutes of Health, 2009-2021

Click on the link below for insight on this critically important NIH-supported research resource.