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Tissue Request Process

NDRI makes it easy for researchers to get the human tissues and organs they need using a request process designed to ensure that biospecimens are prepared, preserved and shipped precisely according to the needs of their protocol.

Our two-step request process includes a Feasibility Application and a Project Development Application. Once your project is approved and you sign the Approval Letter, NDRI activates your protocol and will notify you of tissue procurement. Review the request process below.

1. Complete the Feasibility Application and submit it to NDRI.

NDRI Feasibility Committee reviews your application and either approves or suggests modifications.

2. Complete the Project Development Application and submit it to NDRI.

NDRI develops customized protocols based on the criteria in your applications.

3. Review all documents. Sign off on the protocol(s) and Approval Letter.

NDRI activates your protocol(s) and begins screening donors to match against your customized protocol.

NDRI notifies you of tissue procurement, arranges shipment and forwards donor information and shipment Quality Assurance form.

4. Your institution receives tissue and donor information. You return the provided Quality Assurance form within 48 hours.

REMEMBER: It is important to be aware of the status of your protocol at all times. While your protocol is active, you will be responsible for accepting tissues that are recovered per your request.

Feasibility Application
Download the Application

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