Victoria Corbit, PhD

Director, Scientific Services

Dr. Corbit joined NDRI in 2022 and is responsible for the recruitment of new researchers, both corporate and academic. In addition to assessing all feasibility requests, she acts as the primary liaison between researchers and NDRI’s Feasibility Committee, navigating any issues that researchers run up against during their partnership with NDRI.

Dr. Corbit has over 10 years of research experience, where her work was mostly focused on mouse neural circuits. Her experience includes hands-on lab work, project management, constructing primary research publications, and developing successful NIH-funded grants.

Dr. Corbit completed her doctoral degree in neuroscience in 2019, conducting research as a joint trainee in labs at University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. She continued her research as a post-doctoral fellow at Princeton University for 3 years before starting at NDRI.