Thomas Bell, MS, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Since joining NDRI in 2010, Dr. Bell has served in a variety of capacities.  Prior to his current role as Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Bell served as the Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Vice President of Operations, and Director Scientific Services for NDRI. 

In his role as Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Bell is the Contact Principal Investigator for three National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded projects: Somatic Mosaicism across Human Tissues (SMaHT, U24), Developmental Genotype-Tssue Expression (dGTEx, U24) and Human Tissue Organs Research Resource (HTORR, U42).  He also oversees NDRI’s efforts for developing strategic partnerships with new and existing scientific, corporate, government, and philanthropic entities.

Dr. Bell has more than 20 years of experience in biomedical research and has taught summer courses at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories for over 10 years. He has published numerous articles, patents, abstracts, and book chapters in the fields of neurophysiology and molecular neuroscience. Dr. Bell completed an NIH-funded training postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Systems Pharmacology and Translation Therapeutics at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He holds a doctorate from the Division of Biology and Medicine at Brown University.